Groundnut Oil

Dantata refined groundnut oil is produced under a hygienic environment while ensuaring that quality and standards are continuously maintained. Our highly nutritious and qualitative groundnut oil is used by all households. Our groundnut oil is known for its aromatic flavour,rich protien content and and lower cholesterol level. Our refined groundnut oil a good source of essential Omega-6 fatty acids and good for low fat diets. Our products supersedes the quality requirements for certifications by NAFDAC and SON. DFAP groundnut oil is used in cooking various cuisines across many continents. Dantata refined groundnut oil is specially packaged in various sizes: this include 25Lt, 5Lt, 1Lt inline with customer specifications.

Cotton Seed Oil

Dantata Cotton Seeds oil is produce from high quality cotton seeds (Gossypium hirsulum and Gossypium herbaceum). This is a popular oil for the frying industry and is known for its high protein content and low cholesterol. It is equally a good source of essential Omega-6 fatty acids and recommended for low fat dieters. Our Cotton Seeds Oil has met all the quality certification requirements of NAFDAC and SON.

Na Ruga Animal Feed

NA RUGA ANIMALS FEED: This is a comprehensive animal feeds that takes care of all nutritional requirements of various types of ruminant animals ranging from cattle to sheep and goats. NA RUGA animal feeds are specially formulated and hygienically prepared to ensure improved growth and rapid development of all animals. Our products meets the regulatory requirements of NAFDAC and SON Certifications. NA RUGA contains both concentrates and roughages in the scientifically agreed proportions, thereby saving customers from unnecessary headaches and varying prices of additives. Our products are made from high quality raw materials that enable excellent storage and high yielding end products for the markets. NA RUGA feeds have been tested and proven to be effective for fattening, dairy and beef development programs. Our products comes in 50kg, 20kg and 10kg bags.

Bara'a Premium Rice

Rice is one of the most consumed commodity in the world. History does not have a record of where the most popular food does not grow nor that of a people who do not eat it. Rice is by far the most popular food in all regions of Nigeria. This could be attributable to the fact that the crop grows in just about any climate so long as there is good irrigation scheme in place. BARA’A Premium parboiled rice is a product of Dantata Foods & Allied Products Limited and is obtained through steamed and dried rice in its husk before milling. The process turns the rice light yellow. During parboiling, some water-soluble nutrients move from the bran of the rice kernel into the starchy endosperm. This minimizes some of the nutrients loss that normally occurs during refining when making white rice. BARA’A Premium Parboiled Rice contains higher fibre, Protein, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, Folate (Vitamin 9), calcium and potassium than white and other brands of parboiled rice. BARA’A Premium Rice intends to carve a niche for itself in the Nigerian rice market and beyond. Apart from destoning, BARA’A Premium rice is Stones free with natural health benefits and takes less time on fire during preparations. BAARA’A Premium Parboiled rice is packaged in 50kg and 25kg bags for convenience of the customers. Some of the qualities of BARA’A Premium Rice are:
.Premium Standard
.Very nutritious
.Easy to cook
.Colour sorted
.Produced in a hygienic environment
.Meets International Quality Parameters

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Dantata Foods & Allied Products Limited is a Nigerian company based in Kano. It is involved primarily in the farming, manufacture, export and distribution of agro-allied products and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). In addition to these, the company is involved in the production and packaging of food & beverages. Incorporated in 2005 to deal in agricultural produce for exports and local distribution, Dantata Foods has over the years diversified its portfolio of business interests and activities.